"John Greenaway has been a teacher at the Conservatory for many years.

At one point, I was looking for an additional teacher for our staff, and one of our piano teachers, who also taught public school instrumental string music, said that his son studied with a terrific teacher. He said that teacher was not only the best guitarist he knew, but also one of the best music teachers he knew. His son had learned a lot quickly. I started trying to talk to that teacher about teaching with our staff. That teacher was John Greenaway.

It took a couple of years before he agreed to work with us. When he started with us John was immediately successful and we also started to get several adult students on “word-of-mouth” student recommendations. His section of our student body expanded quickly. His presentations at our recitals were among the most interesting and pleasing to the audience.

John and one of his bands put on an evening performance in support of the Conservatory. He gives of himself to support the arts.  Mr. Greenaway continues to practice his craft with performances with various professional bands, including his own.

I personally consider myself fortunate to have developed a friendship with this artist, and would heartily recommend him to anyone considering a teacher or performer."

Casey Bork


The Eastern Conservatory Of Music and Arts       (Founded 1946)








Martin Guitar's "The Sounding Board", Vol. 24, Jan. 2008