"I've been around music most of my life.  In fact, before going into the ministry, rock 'n roll was my life.  I played with a number of different bands.  I've had the opportunity to "front" groups like Savoy Brown, the New York Dolls, and The Rick Derringer Band.  I've spent time in the studio with some pretty accomplished musicians. But by far the best musician that I have ever had the opportunity to play with is John Greenaway.  

John is a consummate guitarist. He is a brilliant song writer.  He has a mastery of the instrument that is rarely found.  His skill and his knowledge of music are only exceeded by his love of it.


If you have the opportunity to learn from this man, if you have the opportunity to hear him make his guitar sing, if you have the opportunity to experience the brilliance of his original compositions- don't miss it!!  It will be one of those experiences in life that you will always remember."


Pastor Bill Slack


Martin Guitar's "The Sounding Board", Vol. 24, Jan. 2008