Some of the more memorable groups I've been involved with:


Bulrush-Elliott (1971-74)

Although it was a fairly short-lived venture, this group was, for myself and  the other members, a very transformational experience. Eventually,  morphing into a highly technical, progressive rock band, this was one of my favorite musical experiences. 


Band members:  Cam Hitchcock, Garry Herzog, Bill Slack, Joe Cassidy, Mike DeLuca,  Frank Bournias.  Carl "Sach"  Vitiello- sound and Ed Symons-manager.  



Kinderhook aka Kinderhook Creek

The most successful performing band I've been involved with, I performed  with the group from 1976-78 and then 2010-2012.


Additional Kinderhook cuts at


Perpetual Boy (2000-)

This is a great progressive acoustic band. And, although most of our recordings

were acoustic, we've also had some fine electric sessions.


Mission Statement Band    (2005- )

Originally starting as a duo with Pete Kane and myself, we were later joined by Cam and Randy to complete the quartet.  This is a very cool, rootsy/Americana band, doing traditional as well as original material.



*Additional music and photos for all these bands can be found in archives and photo gallery.


Martin Guitar's "The Sounding Board", Vol. 24, Jan. 2008